Thursday, 30 December 2010

Video Poker Free and Pro now available on Ovi Store

I'm very pleased to announced that my video poker games, Video Poker Free and Video Poker Pro are now available on Ovi Store for S60 5th edition phones.

The Video Poker games are recreations of the video poker machines you get in casinos, you choose your bet size, play a hand of draw poker with one change of cards and then you win a multiple of your bet depending on how good your hand is.

The games come with 3 different play modes, allowing you to play either 20 hands, 100 hands or a game of unlimited hands. They also come with an online global scoreboard so you can compete with other players around the world for the top spot in each of the different game modes.

The difference between the Free and Pro versions is that the Free version contains adverts whereas the Pro version does not.

Video Poker Pro is available here for 1 Euro or equivalent, and Video Poker Free is available here.

Both games should soon be available for S^3 phones.

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