Thursday, 21 April 2011

New game Seesaw Saga released

I'm pleased to announce that my new game Seesaw Saga is now available on Ovi Store.

In Seesaw Saga there are 10 different levels and on each level you have a certain number of bricks of different sizes and shapes that you have to drop onto a seesaw, the aim of the game is to drop all the bricks without letting the bricks fall of the seesaw. You gain more points on each level by dropping the bricks from higher up the screen and larger bricks are worth more points. If you score enough points, you are rewarded with a medal, you need to get a bronze medal on a level to unlock the next level. The game also keeps track of your highscores for each level. The different levels have different obstacles, different drop areas and different bricks to drop.

Seesaw Saga comes in two versions, an ad supported free version available here: and a Pro version with no adverts for 1 Euro or equivalent available here:

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