Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Weekly download and Monthly money statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 21st May to 27th May

App 14th-20th 21st-27th
Seesaw Saga Free 134 190
Zort Ball Free 671 1337
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 1011422
Blackjack Free 31852719
Word Find Free 1122538
Charades Free 313425
Video Poker Free 31092603
MultiSMS Free 7801179
Kitchen Timer Free 265425
Interval Timer Free 355420
Lyrics Quiz Free 545715
Pause on Disconnect Trial 11050
Pause on Disconnect11
MultiSMS Pro 43
Kitchen Timer Pro 01
Video Poker Pro 2420
Blackjack Pro 712
WordFind Pro1710
Charades Pro 22
Lyrics Quiz Pro01
Grovr Folder Sizes4138
Interval Timer Pro 912
Zort Ball Pro 11
Seesaw Saga Pro 00

MonthIncome from advertising Income from app sales Total
Jan 2011£110.56£75.15£185.71
Feb 2011£81.08 £67.28£148.36
Mar 2011£257.62£114.92£372.54
Apr 2011£221.74£124.15£345.89
May 2011£255.44£207.38£462.82

So May is now my most succesful month ever and it's nice to see that app sales account for a larger part of the income, which means people think my apps are worth spending there hard earned cash on :)

This is the last one of these posts for a while as I'm going to be on holiday until July, but I'll post back all those statistics when I get back.