Thursday, 21 April 2011

New game Seesaw Saga released

I'm pleased to announce that my new game Seesaw Saga is now available on Ovi Store.

In Seesaw Saga there are 10 different levels and on each level you have a certain number of bricks of different sizes and shapes that you have to drop onto a seesaw, the aim of the game is to drop all the bricks without letting the bricks fall of the seesaw. You gain more points on each level by dropping the bricks from higher up the screen and larger bricks are worth more points. If you score enough points, you are rewarded with a medal, you need to get a bronze medal on a level to unlock the next level. The game also keeps track of your highscores for each level. The different levels have different obstacles, different drop areas and different bricks to drop.

Seesaw Saga comes in two versions, an ad supported free version available here: and a Pro version with no adverts for 1 Euro or equivalent available here:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 9th April to the 15th April

App 2nd-8th 9th-15th
Zort Ball Free 765 1182
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 10090
Blackjack Free 55854425
Word Find Free 403485
Charades Free 230190
Video Poker Free 37343530
MultiSMS Free 968402
Kitchen Timer Free 244138
Interval Timer Free 291234
Lyrics Quiz Free 373284
Pause on Disconnect Trial 2559
Pause on Disconnect01
MultiSMS Pro 107
Kitchen Timer Pro 10
Video Poker Pro 38
Blackjack Pro 119
WordFind Pro83
Charades Pro 10
Lyrics Quiz Pro20
Grovr Folder Sizes41
Interval Timer Pro 1113
Zort Ball Pro NA2


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 2nd April to the 8th April

App 26th-1st 2nd-8th
Zort Ball Free NA 765
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 122100
Blackjack Free 69105585
Word Find Free 972403
Charades Free 491230
Video Poker Free 41143734
MultiSMS Free 3222968
Kitchen Timer Free 1074244
Interval Timer Free 870291
Lyrics Quiz Free 1583373
Pause on Disconnect Trial 6925
Pause on Disconnect20
MultiSMS Pro 1910
Kitchen Timer Pro 41
Video Poker Pro 33
Blackjack Pro 1811
WordFind Pro78
Charades Pro 21
Lyrics Quiz Pro12
Grovr Folder Sizes64
Interval Timer Pro 611

Generally a downward trend this week compared to last, though last weeks figures were very high. Although Zort Ball Free has only been out a few days rather than a whole week, I was expecting it's downloads to be higher, closer to the initial releases of Blackjack and Video Poker, having said that, I have already recieved some useful feedback via Ovi Store reviews and a new version is going through QA now with larger buttons.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 26th March to the 1st April

App 19th-25th 26th-1st
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 157122
Blackjack Free 92736910
Word Find Free 1777972
Charades Free 617491
Video Poker Free 38374114
MultiSMS Free 4383222
Kitchen Timer Free 11531074
Interval Timer Free 988870
Lyrics Quiz Free 3841583
Pause on Disconnect Trial 6669
Pause on Disconnect12
MultiSMS Pro 319
Kitchen Timer Pro 54
Video Poker Pro 123
Blackjack Pro 518
WordFind Pro87
Charades Pro 12
Lyrics Quiz Pro31
Grovr Folder Sizes56
Interval Timer Pro 66

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Qt Ambassador Kit arrived

Hi, today my Qt Ambassador Kit arrived.

Inside were two sets of stickets, a t-shirt and most importantly for me, a Nokia C7. One of the stickers is already proudly attached to my laptop. The C7 is going to come in really useful as it means I can easily debug programs on a Symbian^3 phone rather than having to use the Nokia remote devices and also I've recently been trying some programs which have had too poor performance of my 5800 so I'm excited to see if they work on the C7.

Below is a picture of my bounty, including the C7 running my soon to be released game "Zort Ball".

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Monthly money statistics

MonthIncome from advertising Income from app sales Total
Jan 2011£110.56£75.15£185.71
Feb 2011£81.08 £67.28£148.36
Mar 2011£257.62£114.92£372.54

March was a very good month as you can see, hopefully the upwards trend will continue.

These figures are somewhat rough in that they are based on the estimated revenue from sales and also a rough calculation of the exchange rate. They do not reflect actual money that I have recieved into my bank account.

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 19th to the 25th of March

App 12th-18th 19th-25th
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 184157
Blackjack Free 73809273
Word Find Free 8871777
Charades Free 234617
Video Poker Free 38093837
MultiSMS Free 108438
Kitchen Timer Free 9101153
Interval Timer Free 866988
Lyrics Quiz Free 219384
Pause on Disconnect Trial 6166
Pause on Disconnect31
MultiSMS Pro 53
Kitchen Timer Pro 105
Video Poker Pro 512
Blackjack Pro 45
WordFind Pro78
Charades Pro 11
Lyrics Quiz Pro13
Grovr Folder Sizes15
Interval Timer Pro 36