Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 2nd April to the 8th April

App 26th-1st 2nd-8th
Zort Ball Free NA 765
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 122100
Blackjack Free 69105585
Word Find Free 972403
Charades Free 491230
Video Poker Free 41143734
MultiSMS Free 3222968
Kitchen Timer Free 1074244
Interval Timer Free 870291
Lyrics Quiz Free 1583373
Pause on Disconnect Trial 6925
Pause on Disconnect20
MultiSMS Pro 1910
Kitchen Timer Pro 41
Video Poker Pro 33
Blackjack Pro 1811
WordFind Pro78
Charades Pro 21
Lyrics Quiz Pro12
Grovr Folder Sizes64
Interval Timer Pro 611

Generally a downward trend this week compared to last, though last weeks figures were very high. Although Zort Ball Free has only been out a few days rather than a whole week, I was expecting it's downloads to be higher, closer to the initial releases of Blackjack and Video Poker, having said that, I have already recieved some useful feedback via Ovi Store reviews and a new version is going through QA now with larger buttons.

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