Friday, 5 August 2011

Weekly download statistics

So rather than going through the week totals for every week since I last did an update I'm just going to compare last weeks downloads agains the downloads from the 21st-27th May, which were the last ones I published.

App 21st-27th May 23rd-29th July
Get Mick Home Free NA 98
Seesaw Saga Free 190 51
Zort Ball Free 1337 161
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 422112
Blackjack Free 27191363
Word Find Free 538249
Charades Free 425108
Video Poker Free 26034989
MultiSMS Free 11790*
Kitchen Timer Free 425195
Interval Timer Free 420198
Lyrics Quiz Free 715151
Pause on Disconnect Trial 5035
Pause on Disconnect10
MultiSMS Pro 30*
Kitchen Timer Pro 11
Video Poker Pro 2020
Blackjack Pro 1211
WordFind Pro108
Charades Pro 20
Lyrics Quiz Pro12
Grovr Folder Sizes386
Interval Timer Pro 123
Zort Ball Pro 10
Seesaw Saga Pro 00

*MultiSMS Free and Pro have been removed from the Ovi Store by Nokia because it "facilitate SMS or Email spam attacks" which is pretty much all it does (though not intended to be used in a malicious way) so I think that's fair enough of Nokia.

Monthy money statistics

Sorry it's been so long but I've been on holiday for a month and since then I've been busy making my new game Munch Them (available now) and porting games to Meego using the N950 Nokia have loaned me.

MonthIncome from advertising Income from app sales Total
Jan 2011£110.56£75.15£185.71
Feb 2011£81.08 £67.28£148.36
Mar 2011£257.62£114.92£372.54
Apr 2011£221.74£124.15£345.89
May 2011£255.44£207.38£462.82
June 2011£245.09£150.13£395.22
July 2011£228.21£158.30£386.51

Making £395 in June when I was on holiday the entire time is really nice and it's nice to see income is pretty level even when I haven't got new products in the market.

I'll be posting my latest download statistics soon.