Friday, 5 August 2011

Monthy money statistics

Sorry it's been so long but I've been on holiday for a month and since then I've been busy making my new game Munch Them (available now) and porting games to Meego using the N950 Nokia have loaned me.

MonthIncome from advertising Income from app sales Total
Jan 2011£110.56£75.15£185.71
Feb 2011£81.08 £67.28£148.36
Mar 2011£257.62£114.92£372.54
Apr 2011£221.74£124.15£345.89
May 2011£255.44£207.38£462.82
June 2011£245.09£150.13£395.22
July 2011£228.21£158.30£386.51

Making £395 in June when I was on holiday the entire time is really nice and it's nice to see income is pretty level even when I haven't got new products in the market.

I'll be posting my latest download statistics soon.

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