Monday, 10 January 2011

Video Poker Free success :)

I just wanted to write a little bit about what I consider a success with the number of downloads of Video Poker Free. Obviously getting 10000 downloads in a week has far exceeded any of my other applications and this is still whilst onyl avaialable for S60 5th Edition phones, the S^3 version is currently in QA and should be out soon.

During the week that my statistics were calculated for, it made me $45.96, which whilst not a living, is miles beyond anything any of my other apps have produced.

Also pleasing to see was that at one point, Video Poker Free was at number 54 on the Top Free downloads list, which i'm sure helped to contribute to the large number of downloads, it has currently dropped to around number 80.

Despite this large number of downloads, there has not been an increase in downloads of the paid for Pro version. I think this may be down to a couple of things: that the only advantage of the paid version is not having the adverts and people seem willing to put up with them in order to save a Euro and also there is no link in the Free version leading to the Pro version, I have to rely on people remembering that a Pro version was mentioned in the description of the Free version when they downloaded it. In light of these reasons, in my next app, i'm going to build in a prominent link to the Pro version and also give the Pro version some advantage in terms of features, though i'd like to keep limit this to additional features rather than removing any of the core functionality.

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