Thursday, 17 February 2011

Blackjack Pro now available on Ovi Store

My Qt game Blackjack Pro has now gone live on Ovi Store for S^3 devices.

Blackjack Pro is (obiovusly) a Blackjack game that lets you control 28 different options so that you can customize the game rules to be just like your favourite casino. IT also includes a high score board where you can compete to be the best in your country or the world over different time frames, 24 hours, a month and all-time.
The 28 different options you can configure are:

Dealer does not check for Blackjack at the beginning (Lose just original bet)
Dealer does not check for Blackjack at the beginning (Lose all bets)
European No Hole Card rule
Dealer peeks under A only
Late Surrender
Early Surrender
Surrender After Split
Surrender After Double
Surrender with any No. of Cards
No double after split
No double on soft hand
Double only on 10,11
Double only on 9,10,11
Blackjack Pay Ratio
Double Diamond Blkacjack pays 2:1
Dealer always wins BJ
Player always wins BJ
Dealer hits soft 17
Dealer stands all 17s
Resplit Aces
Draw to split aces
5 card 21 pays 2:1
6 Card 20 or less beat all but Blackjack
Player loses ties

Blackjack Pro is available on Ovi Store here for 2 Euro or equivalent. It will soon be released for S60 5th edition devices such as the 5800. Also in about a week or so there will be a Free version available which has alot less options available for customisation.

In other news, an updated version of Interval Timer Free is now on Ovi Store which fixes the sound problems some people were having.

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