Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 5th March to the 11th March and 12th to 18th

App 5th-11th 12th-18th
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial NA 184
Blackjack Free 6595 7380
Word Find Free 1062887
Charades Free 216234
Video Poker Free 40083809
MultiSMS Free 138108
Kitchen Timer Free 218910
Interval Timer Free 261866
Lyrics Quiz Free 261219
Pause on Disconnect Trial 2661
Pause on Disconnect 03
MultiSMS Pro 15
Kitchen Timer Pro 010
Video Poker Pro 85
Blackjack Pro 74
WordFind Pro 67
Charades Pro 01
Lyrics Quiz Pro01
Grovr Folder Sizes NA1
Interval Timer Pro 73

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