Friday, 6 May 2011

Weekly download statistics

Here are the weekly Ovi Store download statistics for the week of the 16th April to 22nd April and 23rd April to 29th April

App 9th-15tht 16th-22nd 23rd-29th
Seesaw Saga Free NA 567315
Zort Ball Free 1182 502206
Grovr Folder Sizes Trial 90102106
Blackjack Free 442519951661
Word Find Free 485412358
Charades Free 190187186
Video Poker Free 353042354603
MultiSMS Free 402246202
Kitchen Timer Free 13811892
Interval Timer Free 234171210
Lyrics Quiz Free 284227206
Pause on Disconnect Trial 596443
Pause on Disconnect102
MultiSMS Pro 733
Kitchen Timer Pro 000
Video Poker Pro 82920
Blackjack Pro 933
WordFind Pro329
Charades Pro 004
Lyrics Quiz Pro012
Grovr Folder Sizes162
Interval Timer Pro 13910
Zort Ball Pro 241
Seesaw Saga Pro NA20


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