Friday, 10 December 2010

Interval Timer Free now available on Ovi Store

I am pleased to announce that Interval Timer Free is now available on Ovi Store for S60 5th Edition devices such as the 5800.

Interval Timer Free is an app for people who take their exercise seriously, it is made for people who do interval training where you perform an exercise for a length of time, then have a period of rest and repeat this a certain number of times.
Interval Timer Free lets you set the length of exercise time, the length of rest time and the number of repetitions. Once this easy setup has been completed, Interval Timer Free plays different alarms for the end of an exercise period, the end of a rest period and the end of all the repetitions so you know when to exercise, when to rest and when to stop completely without having to keep checking a watch.

Interval Timer Free is available from the Ovi Store here for free.

It will soon be available for S^3 devices such as the N8.

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  1. Hello Matt. I am willing to try your interval timer but cannot download it from OVI since it claims my phone is not supported. I have a Nokia 5130 Xpress. Will it work ? Can you email me the app ? My mail is
    Thanks in advance, EN.-