Friday, 10 December 2010

Multi SMS now on Ovi Store

I am pleased to announce that Multi SMS Pro has now gone live on Ovi Store for S60 5th Edition phones.

Multi SMS is a intuitive application that lets you send a SMS to someone, many, many times. This is great for playing jokes on people or letting them know that you really mean your message. For example if it's one of your friends birthdays, then lots of people will send them a Happy Birthday SMS but if you sent them 10 then you'd really stand out and they'd know you really mean it.

You can choose who to send the message to by looking them up in your phonebook or also just by putting in their number.

Multi SMS Pro, is available here: with no adverts and which lets you send a message upto 50 times at once, priced at 1 Euro or equivalent.

Multi SMS Free, which contains adverts and limits messages to a max of 20 times at once should be on the store soon.

Both versions of MultiSMS should also soon be available on the store for S^3 phones such as the N8.

NB Sending a message 10 times will cost you the price of 10 messages or deduct 10 messages from your allowance and similarly for other amounts of messages.

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