Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Kitchen Timer

Hi and welcome to this tutorial on Kitchen Timer.

In the following guide, the meal we're going to set up alarms for is cooking a roast chicken for 90 minutes where it will be on a high temperature for 20 of those minutes and we're also going to cook some potatoes that need roasting for 45 minutes after being boiled for 10.

This is the screen we're first greeted with when we start Kitchen Timer.

So first of all we're going to add an alarm and we do this by pressing "Options" and then "Alarms" and selecting the "Add alarm" option as shown below.

 We are then prompted for a name for the alarm and I have chosen Chicken in as the name for the first alarm by typing it in the box in the normal text entry way.

You then get to the alarm setting screen below which contains 3 important sections which will be explained below.

Firsty we want to set the time for this alarm, so we press the "Change" button from the image above and then use the appropriate + and - buttons shown to set the time. In this instance we have set a time of 1 hour and 30 minutes as that is how long we want to cook the chicken for.

After then pressing "Done", we have two more setting to set: firstly we have to say whether we want this alarm to be before or after the alarm we choose in the next step, in this instance we obviously want the chicken alarm to happen "Before" the Finished alarm; secondly we selected which alarm we want this alarm to be relative to, in this case the "Finished" alarm. (A quick note on the "Finished" alarm: This alarm is always last and signifies the end of cooking, you cannot set an alarm to be "After" the "Finished" alarm.

After then pressing the "Done" button we get back to the overview screen and can see that our new alarm has been added.

We then add another alarm, calling this one "Turn Heat Down" as as shown below, we set this alarm to go off 20 minutes "After" the "Chicken In" alarm because 20 minutes after putting the chicken in, we want to put the heat in the oven down.

Using the same process, we then add an alarm called "Roast Potatoes" and set it to occur 45 minutes before "Finished".

As mentioned at the start, we need to boil the potatoes for 10 minutes before roasting them so we can easily set that by creating a new "Boil Potatoes" alarm and setting it up as shown below.

We can now add an alarm for for turning the oven on as we need to wait for it to warm up before we put the chicken in so we can easily add that alarm for 10 minutes before the "Chicken In" alarm to give it plenty of time to get to the right temperature as shown below.

So now we have our final overview page showing all the alarms and how they are related to each other.

Once we have set all alarms, we go to "Option", "Finished Setup".

After doing that we are presented with the following screen which contains the countdowns for all the alarms, if we then press the "Start" button...

We are immediately given out first alarm, which is telling us to turn the oven on, so we do that. This screen will automatically dissapear after a few seconds.

Then all the alarms start counting down and we can tell at a glance how long it is until we need to do each of the steps of the cooking process.

I hope you have found this useful, if you have any queries, leave a comment or email me at kitchenTimer_at_grovr.co.uk

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