Friday, 17 December 2010

Weekly download statistics

Firstly I will cover Kitchen Timer Free. In the past week it has had 120 more downloads compared to the previous weeks 419. This downturn in downloads is to be expected as it is now less likely to be found by someone clicking through all the "New" items. Unfortunately I cannot get a breakdown yet of which app is responsible for how much of the advertising revenue but the total for the past week was $1.69 compared to $1.47 from the previous week. Kitchen Timer Free has also recieved it's first review unfortunately this was a 1 star review in Turkish which seems to translate to something like "Tested in again. Oh, already cooked". I guess that one of the side effects of having such wide distribution with the Ovi Store is that sometimes you're going to have no idea why someone doesn't like your product.

Interval Time Free has been much more successful, in it's first week it managed to get 1579 downloads! Interval Timer Free also received a review from a Turkish person, this time, a 5 star review calling it "great". It was awesome to get some actualy feedback on my app and know that someone at least is enjoying it. I think this had a positive impact on sales, especially from Turkey as for Kitchen Timer Free, before it received it's review, Turkey was 5th place in terms of most downloaded from countries with about half of the downloads of the top country, whereas in Interval Timer Free, Turkey is the joint top country. Having seen how much a positive review can help sales/downloads it is quite frustrating when my apps have no reviews but I guess it's up to me to make my apps so good that  people feel inclined to leave reviews. 

Finally, a quick comment on MultiSMSPro which has now also been in the store for a week. Whilst the stats for free downloads update every 24 hours, Ovi Store was reporting that there has been no downloads of it for ages and then one night said there has been some and on looking at the detailed report, those sales had happened over a period of a few days, so i'm not sure how often the stats for paid downloads are updated and unfortunately, sales are at a low level so that I cannot tell whether a day with 0 sales is really a 0 or just a day that hasn't been updated  but by next week I should have a reliable count for this weeks sales. 

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