Friday, 10 December 2010

Kitchen Timer Free download statistics

In the spirit of openness and hopefully as helpful information for anyone else considering publishing things to the Ovi Store, I thought I'd share the statistics about the number of downloads my apps are getting.

Kitchen Timer Free has been out for about 7 days now and has totalled 419 downloads. Please bear in mind that this figure is rough as the Ovi Store statistics seem to update a little oddly. The application has only been available for the 5800, 5230, 5530, X6, N97 mini and C6-00. It should hopefully soon be available for more phones. It has been downloaded in 67 countries.

In it's week of being available, it has earned my a whopping $1.47 in advertising revenue, which is roughly equivalent to 1.1 Euro so I am now actually in profit as that has covered my 1 Euro registration fee!

Obviously these figures aren't very exciting yet I am not that disheartened as Kitchen Timer is quite a niche app. Also I was hoping that some of the value of Kitchen Timer Free would come from convincing people to buy Kitchen Timer Pro which has just been released to the Ovi Store, though currently there is not a direct link in the app to do this upsale.

It will be interesting to see how the trend of the number of downloads continues, obviously some of the downloads at the start are going to be because people are seeing the app on the "New" page of the store and also some people will download it just because it is free, after a while I imagine that the download rate will level out as people will only find it through searching, through this blog or from word of mouth and I expect this rate to be more contant.

It is nice to see that the adverts in my app are getting many "impressions" if not actually the clicks that mean I make money, as there are lots of impressions, I can tell that people are using the app and it is nice to know that people are gaining use from something I've made.

I will continue to post updates about the sales and downloads of my apps and I should have more to talk about next week as today, Kitchen Timer Pro, Interval Timer Free and Multi SMS Pro have all reached the Ovi Store.

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