Friday, 17 December 2010

Lyrics Quiz Free now on Ovi Store

I am pleased to announce that Lyrics Quiz Free has been released onto Ovi Store for s60 5th edition devices.

Lyrics Quiz Free tests your knowledge of the lyrics of the music on your phone. It scans the music on your phone, looks up the lyrics online and then offers you multiple choice questions about which lyrics goes with which song. The Free version comes with two modes, 20 questions where you are asked which song do 20 lyrics belong to and Surival mode where you have 3 lives and lose one every time you get a question wrong. There are high score boards so you can keep track of how well you are doing compared to your past performance.

Lyrics Quiz Pro should shortly be available on the Ovi Store and includes a Speed mode where the number of points you get for a correct answer is based on how quickly you answer the question, there will be an announcement here when that goes live.

Lyrics Quiz Free is available here: for Free!

Work is under way to bring Lyrics Quiz both Free and Pro to S^3 devices such as the N8

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