Monday, 13 December 2010

Pause On Disconnect now on Ovi Store

I'm pleased to annouce that Pause On Disconnect is now available on the Ovi Store for S60 5th Edition phones.

Pause On Disconnect detects when your headphones have been pulled out or if your bluetooth headphones run out of power and disconnect and then automatically pauses your music to save you the potential embarassment of playing your music out of the phone speakers to everyone around you.

I created this app because I was worred about what would happen when my bluetooth headphones ran out of power on a quiet train carriage or if I got my wired headphones in a tangle and accidentaly pulled them out. Pause On Disconnect solves these worries for me and hopefully for you too.

It currently only works with the default Nokia Music Player which is what I expect most people use to play music.

It will become available for S^3 phones like the N8 once I have one to test on.

Pause On Disconnect is available here  for just 1 Euro or equivalent.

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